6th ABEM 2020 Conference

Submission deadline: Mar 30, 2020



Course Outline * Assignment Guidelines * Grade

PowerPoint Slides: Introduction to International Marketing  * Stages of International MarketingProducts  * ServicesCreativity in New Product DevelopmentBrand DevelopmentInternational Pricing StrategiesInternational Marketing Strategies * Forecasting International Demand * International Distribution System * International Marketing in Emerging Markets * Negotiating in International Markets * Negotiation Role Play * Trends in International Marketing * Quiz Diaper * How to Market a Country * Worlds Flags * Logo Designs * Home for Elderly Animals * Carbon Calculator

Forecasting Models: Moving Averages Model * Simple Linear Regression Model * Linear Trend Equation Model * Exponential Smoothing Model * Exponential Smoothing Trend Adjusted Model

International Marketing group
If applicable, use the free CAT Scanner Software for Content Analysis for your group assignment.
www.amckenny.com/CATScanner * Canadian Secondary Data * Library Resources

Use plenty of images to prove your point in your project report, if applicable.

IM Gr 1 topic: Why do supermarkets fail in Africa?
Members: Alessandra, Elisabeth, Elani

IM Gr 2 topic: How shape, size, … of glass affects aroma, taste and enjoyment of wine: Implication for international marketing managers.
Members: Hannah, Edwig, Dominic

IM individual assignment presentation dates
Nov 7: Alessandra, Elisabeth, Hannah, Elani, Edwig, Dominic

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