6th ABEM 2021 Conference

Submission deadline: March 30, 2021


Course Outline * Project Report Guidelines * Class participation 1 Report * Class participation 2 Report * Presentation Evaluation Form * Group Marks Allocation Form * Grade

Topics and Readings
Topic PowerPoint: Introduction to International Marketing * Stages of International Marketing
Reading: Chapter 1 The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

Topic PowerPoint: Products * International Product Life Cycle
Reading: Chapter 11 Products and Services

Topic PowerPoint: Services * Creativity
Reading: Chapter 11 Products and Services * Home for Elderly Animals * Quiz 

Topic PowerPoint: Brands, Logos, Messages
Reading: Chapter 11 Brands in International Markets * Worlds Flags * Logo Designs * Burger King Logo 2021

Topic PowerPoint: International Pricing Strategies
Reading: Chapter 13 Pricing

Topic PowerPoint: International Market Opportunities, Demand, and Forecasting
Reading: Chapter 7 Developing a Global Vision Through Marketing Research * Diaper * How to Market a Country * Under 5 Mortality Rate (U5MR) * How Long Will You Live?
Forecasting Models: Moving Averages Model * Simple Linear Regression Model * Linear Trend Equation Model * Exponential Smoothing Model * Exponential Smoothing Trend Adjusted Model

Topic PowerPoint: International Distribution System
Reading: Chapter 12 Distribution

Topic PowerPoint: Negotiating in International Markets
Reading: Chapter 15 Negotiating in International Markets * Negotiation Role Play

Topic PowerPoint: International Marketing Strategies
Reading: Chapter 10 Strategies for International Expansion

Topic PowerPoint: Trends in International Marketing
Reading: Chapter 17 Future of International Marketing * Carbon Calculator

Topic PowerPoint: International Marketing in Emerging Markets
Reading: Chapter 9 Emerging Markets

International Marketing groups
If applicable, use the free CAT Scanner Software for Content Analysis for your group assignment.
CAT Scanner * Canadian Secondary Data * Library Resources

Use plenty of images to prove your point in your project report, if applicable. Each image should have attribution and full url.
@ =

IM Group 1 Topic: Justine (baldwin-j15@), Angela (claveria-a@) & Charmie (jayaratne-c@)
Members: Plus-size fashion marketing

IM Group 2 Topic: Harold (memita-h@), Huda (mesaud-h@), Weini (gebreezgi-w), & Lissa (msuya-l@)
Members: Modest fashion marketing

IM Group 3 Topic: James (neal-j@), Sara (niemi-s71@), Khalil (qasem-k@) & Amanda (serediuk-a@)
Members: Beachwear marketing

IM Group 4 Topic: Nicole (udod-n@), Kurt (vanharrewyn-k6@), Steven (wong-s64@) & Liam (wortzman-l@)
Members: Fashion democracy and internationalization

IM individual assignment presentation dates
Jan 28: Justine, Angela & Charmie
Feb 25: Harold, Huda, Weini & Lissa
Mar 3: James, Sara, Khalil & Amanda
Mar 18: Nicole, Kurt, Steven & Liam