6th ABEM 2020 Conference

Submission deadline: Mar 30, 2020



Course Outline * Assignment Guidelines * Grade

PowerPoint Slides: Introduction to international management * Ethical challenges of international management * Impact of globalization on the organizational activities * Evolving multinationals * Merger and Acquisition * Design and management of international joint ventures * International government relations * International strategy formulation * Strategy implementation–balanced ScoreCard * The Global Manager

Resources: International Merger and Acquisitions (e-book) * Find your MP if you know your Postcode * List of MLAs * Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency/Disclosure) * Novartis-Corruption in China *  Blackberry * Home Assessment * P/E Ratio Sector * College Inc.Child labor article * Passport Index — Visa Free Travel * Child Labor in Cobalt Industry

International Management groups
If applicable, use the free CAT Scanner Software for Content Analysis for your group assignment.
www.amckenny.com/CATScanner * Canadian Secondary Data * Library Resources

Use plenty of images to prove your point in your project report, if applicable.

MG Gr 1 topic: Internationalization of state-owned enterprises
Members: Daryl, Ansh, Sabine, Kore, Zachary, Madison

MG Gr. 2 topic: Celebrity effect on share prices
Members: Angela, Simone, Mia, Tierney

MG Gr 3 topic: Stock exchange-listed universities
Members: Julian, David, Cole

MG Gr 4 topic: Effects of organisation size, diversity and gender on market orientation of an organization
Members: Anmoldeep, Priel, Alexandra, Alexandre

MG Gr 5 topic: Sustainability and profitability in international management
Members: Edwig, Alexis, Leslie, Julia, Steven

MG Gr 6 topic: Multiple franchise units as economic development strategy
Members: Akanksha, Fahad, Arianna, Sanjana, Matthew Y

MG individual assignment presentation dates
Sept 19: Daryl, Ansh, Sabine, Kore
Sept 26: Zachary, Madison, Angela, David
Oct 3: Simone, Mia, Tierney
Oct 31: Cole, Anmoldeep
Nov 5: Priel, Alexandra, Alexandre, Julian
Nov 7: Edwig, Alexis, Leslie
Nov 12: Julia, Steven, Akanksha, Fahad
Nov 14: Arianna, Sanjana, Matthew Y

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