6th ABEM 2020 Conference

Submission deadline: Mar 30, 2020



Course Outline * Assignment Guidelines * Grade

PowerPoint Slides: Introduction to International Business * The World’s Marketplaces * Economic and Labor Forces * Political and Legal Forces * Financial Forces and International Financial Management * International Human Resource Management * Foreign Market Entry and Strategies * Export and Import Practices * International Operations Management * Negotiations in International Business * International Licensing

Resources: Government of Canada * Find your MP if you know your Postcode * CIA World Fact Book (General information) * International Market Potential Indicators (Inflation) * International Monetary Fund (Time-series) * Human Development Index (Labor market) * Worldbank (Database and leading indicators) * OECD (International trade indicators/time-series/XL) * Conference Board of Canada (Economic forecast) * Bank of Canada (Interest rate/inflation/foreign exchange) * Foreign Exchange (Converter) * Export Services Fees * AGOA (Africa Growth Opportunity Act) * Vienna Convention (The document for diplomats) * UN Members Contribution to Budget * World Happiness Report * Passport Index — Visa Free Travel * Apple Corporate Tax Structure * Military Services * Under 5 Mortality Rate (U5MR) * Outsourcing 2:27 min

Forecasting Models: Moving Averages Model * Simple Linear Regression Model * Linear Trend Equation Model * Exponential Smoothing Model * Exponential Smoothing Trend Adjusted Model

UAE: Chaal 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 and 8

Map of Bandar Abbas  * The border crossing * North Korea

International Business groups
If applicable, use the free CAT Scanner Software for Content Analysis for your group assignment.
www.amckenny.com/CATScanner * Canadian Secondary Data * Library Resources

Use plenty of images to prove your point in your project report, if applicable.

IB Gr 1 topic: One belt – one road: Co-operation and development
Members: Alessandra, John, Maria

IB Gr 2 topic: Role of international businesses in building peace
Members: David, Julian, Elisar, Kyle

IB Gr 3 topic: Religion marketing/business in Africa
Members: Cole, Natascha, Priel, Femi

IB Gr 4 topic: Role of United Nations in promoting international businesses
Members: Joshua, Steven, Kristina, Fahad

IB Gr 5 topic: Lifecycle of sustainable development for international business
Members: William, Suryaveer

IB individual assignment presentation dates
Sept 19: Alessandra, Maria
Oct 24: David, Julian, Elisar, Kyle
Nov 5: Cole, Natascha, Priel, John
Nov 7: Joshua, Steven, Kristina, Fahad
Nov 12: William, Suryaveer, Femi

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