6th ABEM 2021 Conference

Submission deadline: March 30, 2021


Course Outline * Project Report Guidelines * Class participation 1 Report * Class participation 2 Report * Presentation Evaluation Form * Group Marks Allocation Form * Grade

Topics and Readings
Topic PowerPoint: Introduction to Emerging Markets * Bottom of the Pyramid
Reading: How much inequality is too much? * Better Life index * OECD * OECD Guidelines for Multinationals  * ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) * World Bank Country ClassificationAPEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) * Mercosur * COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) * ECOWAS (Economic Council of West African States) * Fragile States Index * Landmines paper

Topic PowerPoint: Unfair Trade Practices
Reading: The Colonial Pact (CFA Frank) * CFA: BBC * CFA –> ECO * Basel ConventionMigration due to CFA: BBC * Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIM) * Bank Capital to Assets Ratio (World Bank) * Canadian Fair Trade of Network * Freedom House * E-Petition * The Trade * Map
Video: Business of Scholarship

Topic PowerPoint: Genetically Modified Foods
Reading: HDI * How Long Will You Live?

Topic PowerPoint: Misleading Marketing
Reading: Better Business Bureau (BBB) * Government Consumer Protection * C-section Babies
Video: Food Ad Tricks 3:00

Topic PowerPoint: Islamic Banking * Microfinance
Reading: Assiniboine Credit Union * Securitization Microfinance

Topic PowerPoint: Corporate Philanthropy
Reading: Why Microsoft Gives * Legislative Internship * Foreign Aid * Association of Fundraising Professionals * Fundraising Software * Burkina Faso Investment Proposal * Military Factory * Balkan Arm Trade

Topic PowerPoint: Governments Relations * International Business Diplomacy
Reading: Vienna Convention (The document for diplomats) * Diplomat Protocol * UNDSS * Commitment to Development Index (Center of Global Development) * AGOA (Africa Growth Opportunity Act) * UN Security courses (Basic I Advanced) * Diplomatic Aircraft Clearance * Foreign representatives in Canada * Registration for Canadians abroad * Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Topic PowerPoint: United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)
Reading: Transparency International * Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US) * Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (Canada) * OECD Anti-Corruption Initiatives * ILO Convention on Minimum Age 138 * UN Global Compact (UNGC 2007) * Millennium Development Goals (MDG) * Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) * Carbon Calculator * Sample Collective Agreements

Topic PowerPoint: Tourism in Emerging Markets
Reading: World Heritage Site Selection Criteria * Tourism and Sports Paper * World Heritage Site (WHS) Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) * Dolphin Happiness
Video: Keukenhof Tulip Garden in Holland 2:14

Topic PowerPoint: FDI by Citizenship
Reading: Passport and Economy * Passport Index: Visa Free Travel * UN organUN voting pattern

Topic PowerPoint: Luxury Marketing

Emerging Markets groups
If applicable, use the free CAT Scanner Software for Content Analysis for your group assignment.
CAT Scanner * Canadian Secondary Data * Library Resources

Use plenty of images to prove your point in your project report, if applicable. Each image should have attribution and full url.
@ =

EM Group 1 Topic: Impact of labeling, packaging and merchandizing on overconsumption behavior
Members: Ansh (arora-a54@), Angela (claveria-a@) & Charmie (jayaratne-c@)

EM Group 2 Topic: Development and internatlization of counterfeit luxury products from emerging markets
Members: Michael (degagne-m@), Huda (mesaud-h@), James (neal-j@) & Sara (niemi-s71@)

EM Group 3 Topic: Strategies for integrating humanitarian migrant workers into MNCs in emerging markets
Members: Monica (parent-m@), Anna (savard-a@) & Nicole (udod-n@)

EM individual assignment presentation dates
Jan 28: Ansh, Angela & Charmie
Feb 25: Michael, Huda, James & Sara
Mar 4: Monica, Anna & Nicole